About us

The Onda Technology Institute is an organization dedicated to Research, Innovation and Development, with the goal of creating and helping in the development of innnovative solutions in several areas for contemporary problems. In other words, this Institute is scientific and technologic think-tank and a project and idea incubator.

Originally started in 2002 and fully registered since 2011, this Institute was founded by a team of people with a strong passion for technology who set it up in the magnificent City of Porto.

We follow a work philosophy oriented towards learning from past mistakes and creating solutions with a sustainable future, scalable and evolutive, saving that future from carrying the burden of an irresponsible past.

We respect and uphold standards and promote interoperability with other technologies, teams, products and services.

We also are committed to promoting activities and initiatives of special interest for our research areas, like trainning sessions, conferences and gatherings.

Our currently most active projects have been requiring our research efforts torwards technologies on the fields of telecommunications and computing. We have been relentlessly investing in several key technologies that we believe will be present in everyone's future.

Institutional data

The Onda Technology Institute is registered in Portugal as a non-profit organization, under the name Associação de Desenvolvimento Tecnológico OndaThink.

This Institute exists, unofficially, since 2002.

It was officially founded on July 15th, 2011, in the city of Porto, Portugal, where the headquarters are located.

The registration and tax number is (NIPC) PT 509954030.

This Institute was founded by João Manuel Moura Paredes and Emanuel Pinto Melo.

The management bodies are the Founding Council, the Executive Council, the General Assembly and the Oversight Committee. More details about this subject can be found on the webpage about the team.