OCL - Onda Class Library

Announcement: This project has been superseeded. The code is currently being migrated to the new project JamLib (J4).


A C++ class library and one of the most important public projects currently under development in this Institute. It's an operating system independent API, with as little dependencies as possible and as complete as possible. With high quality and performance, tuned to the smallest detail, it aims for a very high level of consistency, stability and security.

Project details

The OCL is an open class library for C++. It is one of the most important published projects being developed by the Onda Technology Institute. It has been under slow, but steady development for several years. This project was started when the team felt the need for a low level API, which had to be operating system independent, to support some "by-contract" projects. It was also important that it had as little dependencies on third party elements as possible and that it was able to provide an environment as complete as possible. We are focusing on trying to bring to C++ the same diversity in functionality of the standard class libraries of the .Net and the Java platforms. This library has very high quality and high performance, tuned to the detail and aims for a high level of consistency, ease of use and safety. The OCL is now undergoing some rewriting and code refining to prepare it for current needs, improve its quality and consistency and make it more third-party friendly. It is based upon several different modules, each with a specific context.

Library modules

CodeDescriptionDevelopment status
F0Base data, configuration files and build scriptsActive, working
F1Shared code base, classes and frameworkActive, working
F2SQL Database access classesActive, working
F3Base classes for a markup based graphical user interface widget setActive, non usable
F4CSS parser and interpreter for F3Active, non usable
F5Available soon
F6L3DE - Lightweight 3D Engine based on OpenGLActive, working
F7MySQL driver for F2Active, working
F8Firebird/Interbase driver for F8Active, working
F9Available soon
F10Módulo de XML DOMActive, working
F11Available soon
F12File stream implementationActive, working
F13Direct drive access stream implementationOn hold
F14Available soon
F15Available soon
F16Available soon
F17Socket stream implementationOn hold
F18Available soon
F19Available soon
F20Available soon
F21Available soon
F22Available soon
F23Available soon
F24Available soon
F25Available soon
F26XLib backend driver for F3On hold
F27OpenGL backend driver for F3On hold

More information

There are no available downloads yet, since the project is very recent and hasn't yet been considered ready for distribution. For more news about this project, follow the blog Onda Technology Report.